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PRESS RELEASE: Realtek and Irdeto Jointly Develop RDK and Android TV Hybrid Set-Top Box

Good news for video streaming enthusiasts out there, this new technology will supercharge your streaming devices. I am especially looking forward to on-the-fly H.266 video codec decompression, which will allow for 4K video and multiple audio channels with a much smaller video file size, either saving space on your home system or making it faster to download/stream online.


HSINCHU, Taiwan – September 26, 2022 – Realtek Semiconductor, a leading

Taiwanese Semiconductor Company, and Irdeto, a world leader in digital platform

cybersecurity, have announced a new joint development – Realtek’s RTD1319D with

Irdeto hybrid middleware for Android TV and RDK.

Irdeto’s shared and proven DVB stack benefits significantly from re-use and offers a

deterministic path to a super aggregator platform with continuously integrated and

tested end-to-end security solutions. It is therefore best positioned to support truly

scalable certification and deployment of next-generation OTT and hybrid video platforms

quickly, efficiently, and securely.

The collaboration between Realtek and Irdeto began earlier with Realtek’s range of

RTD13xx products and has now expanded to include the latest generation RTD1319D

STB SoC, supporting VVC/H.266 codec and other cutting-edge audiovisual technologies

such as 4K advanced HDR, 3D audio and so on. In response to the increasing demand for

a superior immersive video and gaming experience, the RTD1319D supports HDMI 2.1a

features, including VRR and QMS.

“Irdeto is at the forefront of the super aggregator market with our 50+ years of experience

securing premium content in video entertainment, and our operator heritage ensures we

understand the market well. We are happy to be working with partners such as Realtek to

bring new solutions to the market”, said Shane McCarthy, COO of Video Entertainment

at Irdeto.

“In the intensively competitive set-top chipset market, Realtek leaped ahead by

introducing the RTD1319D – the world’s first VVC set-top chipset, suitable for both

Android TV and RDK. Through our collaboration with Irdeto, and our shared vision and

commitment to excellence, we are extremely proud to present this advanced product to

the market”, said Realtek’s Vice President and Spokesman, Yee-Wei Huang.



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