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       WHO WE ARE

Jerome Bourgeois

Hailing from Silver Spring, MD, Jerome Bourgeois has been engrossed with filmmaking from a young age. To date, Jerome has filmed, edited, directed, and produced film and video projects for various clients. One of his biggest accomplishments has been directing a behind-the-scenes show for MTV 2 entitled "Akon Makes a Video", which followed multi-platinum selling hip-hop/r&b superstar Akon as he filmed his music video for the single “Ghetto”. Jerome directed 4 episodes of "The Parker Report", a roundtable discussion show highlighting some of the biggest names in the music industry that aired on MTV Jams and MTV 2. He has also directed a commercial for hip-hop artist Erick Sermon that aired on BET several times in addition to shooting projects for MTV,, Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment, Universal Motown Records Group, Warner Bros. Records,, On The Mike With Mike Sherman (CBS Miami), The GI Film Festival, and others. He is a graduate of the prestigious film program at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where he earned a BFA in Film and Television.

 Brandon Troy
Co-Creator/Host/Executive Producer

Been on the media scene (both in front of & behind the camera) for most of my life. Started my career as a child actor in films such as "Louisville" and "Mars Attacks." In addition, had a recurring role on the Showtime series, "Linc's," and a starring role in the Arena Stage production, "Blue."

Currently, expanding my horizons as an artist with new ventures as a director, writer, & editor. In the meantime, I've been an entertainment reporter for various outlets. LET'S GET IT!

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