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What does it take to become an innovator and icon within an industry? That’s what the series MOVERS & SHAKERS UNLIMITED will seek to answer. Created by Jerome Bourgeois and Brandon Troy, the goal of the series is to provide insight for aspiring entrepreneurs and artists to discover what it takes to join a particular field of interest and become successful at it. In the process, the series will seek to provide a spotlight on the DC/MD/VA metropolitan area.

Each season hones its focus on one particular industry (i.e. film & television, music, food, hospitality, sports, travel, gaming, etc); furthermore, each episode of the “industry-focused” season features 3 figures: 2 up and coming icons in the industry discipline (of focus) &

one established icon in the industry discipline(of focus)

Following a weekly episodic format, each season will be comprised of 7 episodes. However, included with these season episodes will be a few special edition episodes for certain events (i.e. conventions, expos, etc.). Hosted by Brandon Troy and directed by Jerome Bourgeois, respectfully, the series also sees this duo share producing & editing roles for the dynamic series.

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