Josh's Review of Bite Me

Bite Me (2019)

Starring: Naomi McDougall Jones, Meredith Edwards, Mahira Kakkar, and Christian Coulson

Directed by: Meredith Edwards

Bite Me is definitely not your typical romantic comedy nor is it your typical vampire movie either. It's not meant to be a movie like George Hamilton's classic 1970's comedy, Love at First Bite, but rather something new age and real.

Naomi McDougall Jones plays Sarah, a woman who identifies as a vampire - an individual who not only casts a reflection in mirrors, but also sleeps in a bed (that is not a coffin). However, one element of vampires that she does participate in the act of drinking blood.

You see, in this film, we're introduced to the world of real vampires; people who believe that they gain nourishment both physical and spiritual by drinking the blood of willing donors. While not supernatural creatures of the night, those in this lifestyle do have an appetite to consume blood.

In addition to life as a vampire, Sarah is also the leader of a church called 'House of the Twilight', which she runs out of her apartment shared with two other vampires: Christy (played by Naomi Grossman) and Lily (played by Mahira Kakkar). In the film to start, Sarah has a lot of things going against her not just because she is a vampire, but also due to the fact that she also has blue hair and a facial tattoo that frequently causes people to unfairly judge her. Add to this, her bitter eight years after her divorce from another member of her church, and Sarah has formed a hard emotional exterior around herself.

This soon changes, however, when an investigation (opened by the IRS) into the House of the Twilight and their religious tax exemption status, causes Sarah to go to the IRS to convince them that she is running is a legitimate religious organization.

It is here at the IRS office that Sarah meets James, a young agent assigned to her case. James is a dual American and British citizen who has spent most of his life being made to fit into one square peg after another. Like Sarah, he's already been through one failed marriage and finds solace in talking to his childhood robot toy.

Although he's all set to deny her church's tax exempt status and order them to pay back taxes, James finds himself getting to know Sarah and realizes that she is sincere in her faith. As they get to know each other, James and Sarah realize that they want to be together despite being two very different people. Yet it's those differences that bring Sarah and James together.

Bite Me is really an excellent look into the world of true vampires. For the most part, in most mediums, true vampires are shown as serial killers or weirdos who are living in a fantasy world. Bite Me is the first movie I can think of that shows true vampires as normal people who just want to be accepted and even loved for who they are.

Bite Me is not loaded down with all of the troupes we see in ROM-COM's. Instead we find ourselves rooting for James and Sarah and hope that they can find a place together in a world that is not as tolerant of differences as it should be,

Overall rating: A+

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