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Jacksonville EDM Producer, Alex Moye, To Release NEW Single "BLINDED” Followed By “ALL I NEED” Album

This Friday music producer, Alex Moye, is set to release the 1st single from his upcoming album, "All I Need." Find out further details about the single in the press release below...


(New York, NY - April 5th, 2021) - Electronic Dance Music producer, Alex Moye, is set to release his new single “Blinded” on April 9th, 2021. Jacksonville, Florida-based EDM Producer Alex Moye blends House and Dance with a pop-music sensibility, while winning praise for its impossible to ignore, infectious energy. Today Moye announced he is dropping his first single of the year “Blinded” on Friday, April 9th. This will be followed up with a May 14 release of his second single, “Sand and the Ocean” - all setting the stage for Moye’s album All I Need on June 16th, 2021. The album will feature his highly anticipated title track All I Need.

“Dance Music is something that brings a huge amount of joy and happiness to people,” commented the clearly passionate Producer about his work. “The whole point of me starting this project was to add to the dance culture. I’ve wanted to have something that people could move to and have a good time with. It’s something that people can really jam out to, which is definitely the whole purpose of me getting into this style of production. I’ve been in bands in the past, but this is something really unique and special.”

Alex Moye is a dance, house and EDM producer known for works like the house-pop crossover track “Love Me Better” and the empowering EDM anthem “A Better Place.” Moye typically specializes in uptempo, high-energy dance beats with a pop slant that gets the blood pumping and endorphins flowing. His single “All the Good Things” came as a nostalgic, feel-good club banger pulsing with summertime romance.

Moye has been greatly influenced by iconic DJs like Avicii and Tiesto, Moye first began producing music in high school. From 2018, he intensified his commitment, and now views music as his chief creative outlet. “Making music is my escape from reality. I'm able to express things I want to say to people in the form of a song. It's actually been very therapeutic for me.”

Expect “Blinded”, “Sand and the Ocean, and his debut album to be available across all the major digital download platforms.

Learn more about Alex Moye at Stay part of the conversation on Instagram @alexxmoye.


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