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AirBolt introducing the World's most advanced GPS tracker at CES 2023 Press Conference

Quickly establishing itself as one of the fastest growing brands in the smart access and assets tracking market, AirBolt has announced today it will indeed be making an appearance at CES 2023. Check out the official press release below for more details...


Minneapolis, US, December 15, 2022 - AirBolt, a leading player in the smart access and assets tracking market, today announced its participation in the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of world’s largest technology trade shows taking place January 5-8, 2023, in Las Vegas.

The company will officially showcase its cutting edge live tracking technology with the aim to to deliver more peace of mind to its growing community of users. AirBolt GPS tracker offers advanced capabilities at a competitive price to the rapidly growing markets for IoT, travel or vehicle technology.

The Company’s new product release coincides with a time when about $47 billion worth of items are lost each year, and most people spend nearly a year of their lifetime looking for misplaced or lost items.

“We design our products with our customers in mind and have created an eco-system where our products interact with each other to enhance their capabilities. Our next generation, GPS is an example of such an innovation. It is not only packed with World First features but also can talk to our Travel Lock and report updates live. ” said CEO, Kabir Sidhu.

Recently the company expanded its focus to enterprise channels next to direct to consumer pets, bikes, travel segments and continues to grow with new partners. “AirBolt pioneered the smart access and live asset tracking category. With a global asset tracking market estimated at $55.1B by 2026, AirBolt is at the forefront of a rapidly expanding consumer and enterprise tracking market” said Pouliot.


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