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2020 Superbowl EXCLUSIVE: Luxury Experience & Co CELEBRITY & ATHLETE Gifting Lounge

During Superbowl Weekend, Luxury Experience & Co presented an exclusive gifting lounge honoring celebrities and athletes in Miami at Bloomingdale’s Aventura. Acting as the ultimate Super Bowl gifting experience where celebrities, athletes and brands can mingle, the event also acted as a means to support The Dan Marino Foundation. If you're unfamiliar with this foundation, it is an organization founded by Dan & Claire Marino, that provides game-changing programs for people with autism and other developmental disabilities.

At Bloomingdale’s Aventura, the LE & Co experience combined the ultimate customized players experience with grooming and gifting provided by Keep Pursuing, Julia Mitchell Newborn, Bloomingdale’s, Luxendary Phone Cases, CreekKooler, Martinelli’s, Ireuse2, Pure Ratios, Bryan Samuel Footwear, Class Private Chef Company, Marejada Wines, Art of Shaving, and TAOS. La Prairie, Marina B Fine Jewelry, LAGOS Fine Jewelry, Anna D Guanche, MD FAAD and the Bella Skin Institute, MCM Worldwide, William Mahoney, Fragrance One, Kelly Kronenberg and Knotty Dog also participated, giving all attendees on hand amazing gift bags. All the while Celebrity DJ Jay Claxton spun today's top tunes.

With that said, check out these interviews with some of the vendors...

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