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The party keeps going after the lights go down at C2E2!

For the uninitiated, pop culture shows are likely thought to be closed for the day - once the venue space closes. However, in the case of this year's C2E2, that assumption couldn't be further from the truth as the show will be offering After Dark programming. Check out the specific program in the below....


(Fri) 7-10pm

(Fri & Sat) 7:30-10pm

(Fri & Sat) 7:30-10pm

(Fri) 8 - 9:35pm

(Fri) 8-9:40pm

(Fri) 8-10pm

(Fri) 9:45-11:30pm

(Fri) 9:45-11:40pm

(Sat) 7-10pm

(Sat) 7-10pm

(Sat) 7:30-10pm

(Sat) 9-11pm


C2E2 2019 will commence at McCormick Place March 22-24, 2019.

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