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2018 Baltimore Comic Con EXCLUSIVE: Sherilyn Fenn Talks THE WRAITH & DC Universe's TITANS

Sherilyn Fenn has had a career that has spanned decades (yes, plural). Don't believe me? Well, let's go down the list shall we? From films such as THE WRAITH to the iconic television series, TWIN PEAKS, Sherilyn's impressive long-standing career continues even to this day. Therefore being a fan of her work in the projects mentioned above (along with many others), I couldn't pass up the opportunity to sit down with her to talk about her career; particularly, knowing "what" in a given role draws her to a project. However, in the process of asking this question, the conversation shifts to discussing her role in the DC Universe's TITANS Series. Check it out below...

Camera Work by Kayode Kendall

Edited by Brandon Troy

DC's TITANS is now available on DC Universe.

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