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On the Floor at SDCC 2018: Cosplay Favorites

No matter where you look at San Diego Comic Con, there’s something geeky and fun to see; including great cosplay! I love cosplay – especially when it’s clear that time, effort, style, serious crafting skills, and/or a sense of fun and creativity have been injected into the creation of it.

(In fact, I love cosplay so much that just a couple of days ago, I was on the Fantastic Forum radio show discussing the pros and cons of cosplay and the cosplay community with show host Ulysses E. Campbell, cosplayer HanPan, and more. If you missed it, you can tune in for the re-airing at 5 p.m. today (August 8), at WERA 96.7 FM in the D.C. area, or via the website streaming program at, from anywhere in the world. If you miss it on the radio, the show will also soon be available on the Fantastic Forum MixCloud page. Give it a listen for some great cosplay discussion.)

But back to San Diego! Even when I’m running from a great panel to an amazing activation, if I see a cosplay that’s clever, well-constructed, or unique, I’ve got to stop to admire it and grab a pic. And now, I get to share my favorites from this year's con with you here. Check them out below!

Sentinel Under Attack!

Major props to this guy or gal for putting together an amazingly professional-looking costume that lights up and is super clever - with tiny classic Wolverine, Colossus, Beast, Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Jean Grey, Cyclops, and more "fighting" the evil mutant-hunting Sentinel. I especially love how Cyclops and Jean are "flying" and working together (and it looks like Iceman is skating along on his own ice, too). I bet this costume was also hard to wear and hot under the San Diego sun, so extra points for that.

"Sheeeegooooooo!!" (As Dr. Drakken would say.)

Yea, these many years ago in college, my roommate and I used to watch Kim Possible religiously. One year for Halloween, we even decided I would go to a party as Kim Possible and she (who had black hair) would go as Shego. It never happened (my cosplay skills were still developing and although Kim wouldn't have been too hard, we couldn't figure out how to do a good Shego on short notice) - but this Shego cosplayer hit it out of the park, down to the glowing "power" in her hand. Love it!

Old Man Logan / Patch / Wolverine:

This version of Logan has shown up a few times throughout the comics, as Patch and in Old Man Logan (which had some amazing art) and I just really, really love the whole white tux jacket/eyepatch thing. Plus, it's classy and you don't see it as much. So props to this guy for getting fancy and donning an appropriately geeky tux for Comic-Con.

Jacked Wolverine Kills Deadpool, OoOOOooooh.

Deadpool killed the Marvel Universe, but this super Hugh Jackman-like Wolverine killed Deadpool, sooooo...some would argue this will finally put to rest the question of who would beat who in a fight, and proclaim Wolverine (unofficial) ruler of the Marvel U. But you all know I can't be having with that, because Deadpool Ruuuuules! And will regenerate himself solely from that impaled head and get back to kicking Wolverine's butt as soon as his legs have grown back. Still - A++ for effort - this is a clever costume and this guy pulls off a credible Jackman-style Wolverine.

Hawkman, Whoa!

This Hawkman had a giant wingspan, a glowing mace, and a legit stuffed hawk on his shoulder. While walking the floor at Comic-Con. RESPECT.

Steampunk Sherlock!

This was a gorgeous Victorian steampunk costume crossed with Sherlockian elements, and I loved it. Very classy and poised.

Darth Trump (Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun Dun Dun, Dun Dun Duuuuun)

No, this was not Mark Hamill in disguise, despite rumors. But he was amusing, and patiently waited while I photographed both sides of his cosplay.

Twoflower explores the Con. (Yay, Discworld!)

I get very excited to see Discworld cosplay at such a big and varied con. Hilariously, I ran into this guy in the same costume last year and was excited then as well when I took a picture; and we both remembered each other this year. Roll on, Discworld cosplayer! See you at the next Comic-Con.

A Harley Quinn is Me!

Okay, okay, yes, I threw in a pic of myself, heh. Because although I've been cosplaying at cons for years, this is the first time I've ever really cosplayed at SDCC! What with all the running around reporting and interviewing and all in the heat, it's just more than I usually have patience for. But this year I decided to do a relatively comfy sort of Victorianesque Harley Quinn for one day, and then of course had some bonding time with Sorah's doggie Pepper Jack, who is the sweetest and most pettable doggie, and the result is probably the happiest, most relaxed Harley Quinn pic you'll ever see. (Plus, I was sporting the FanSets SDCC exclusive classic animated Harley Quinn I got with my SDCC bag, which I love!) But let's be honest, mostly I just wanted to include this because you all need to see Pepper. Who is The Best.

The QMx Booth! Narf!

Okay, these folks were working the con, and this isn't actually cosplay, but the QMx staff shirts this year were awesome Deadpool shirts where the employees could write their own slogans in the yellow balloons. And this guy chose to reference Pinky & the Brain, so he for sure deserves a mention for cool convention wear.


Yes, way back in July of 2017 when we first caught a glimpse of that first little porg, I totally called that they were going to be The Next Big Thing. And that I wouldn't be able to resist them. It's still true. Clearly, the folks who built this excellent porg outcropping around a motorized chair felt the same. Although clearly they're also fond of the...

Star Wars Starfighter & BB-8

This was also hanging out in the lobby of the Embassy Suites, and although I wanted to both climb in and drive it around, and hug the BB-8, I resisted out of respect for the folks who put so much work into building this and probably wouldn't want me touching it. It was really cool, though.

There were a ton of other great cosplays, but there's only so much time in the day so I didn't get pics of them all. I did, however, get pics of exclusives and other fun stuff on the con floor, so stay tuned for my other SDCC con floor round-ups!

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