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MACA Unveils First Hydrogen-Powered Flying Racecar, Feat. New Design & Impressive Strategic Partners

Heading to CES in a few weeks? Well, for those keen to check out the next step in racing vehicles will be gifted with MACA's unveiling of its new redesigned S Eleven! Check out the official press release below for more info...


France, December 21, 2022 – Returning to CES in Las Vegas with new leadership and impactful partnerships, MACA has redesigned their S Eleven (S11), the first hydrogen powered flying race car, made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. CEO Christian Pineau will unveil the vehicle’s new design and 2022 progress from Booth #61232 in Eureka Park at The Venetian, as well as at CES Unveiled.

“As we move closer to our official first flight in late 2023, we are thrilled to have secured strategic partnerships with Red Bull Advanced Technologies and SEGULA Technologies, both of which are providing us with needed resources to bring our new S11 flying racecar to flight,” said Pineau.

Red Bull Advanced Technologies was formed as the high-performance engineering and sister business of Red Bull Racing. Though it has roots in Formula 1 competition, Red Bull Advanced Technologies is adept at delivering solutions to a wide range of challenges.

“When MACA began development in 2020, the initial question was whether we focus on sports or public transportation, and we chose sports,” said Pineau. “Operating in the auto racing world within a closed environment, around a racetrack, we do not need the same certifications one needs to fly elsewhere, easing the product testing process. Red Bull is renowned in the sports world, so our enthusiasm for working with them is understandable.”

Global engineering group SEGULA Technologies has expertise and international recognition across multiple industries including automotive and aerospace. In automotive particularly, SEGULA is noted for helping make vehicles safer, more autonomous, environmentally friendly and connected.

According to Xavier Chambrin, MACA’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), the team chose to power the S11 vehicle by eco-friendly hydrogen-based fuel cells not only because it leaves no impact on the environment, but it also delivers longer flight times than vehicles powered by electricity or fossil fuels.”

In addition to their booth in Eureka Park, MACA will also exhibit at CES Unveiled.  The media-only showcase event will take place Tuesday, January 3.

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