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DeRUCCI Smart Mattress Wins BIG Innovation Award Best in Internet & Technology

Today, Derucci has won the Business Intelligence Group's 2024 BIG Innovation Awards Best in Internet and Technology for its T11 Pro Smart Mattress! Read on in the press release (below) for further details regarding the honor...


Las Vegas, NV, January 10, 2024 – The DeRUCCI Group, a leading public company and sleep technology brand, announced today at CES 2024 that it has won the Business Intelligence Group’s 2024 BIG Innovation Awards Best in Internet and Technology for the DeRUCCI AI Series T11 Pro Smart Mattress, an innovative award-winning Artificial Intelligence of Things (IoT) intelligent sleep solution based on extensive sleep/health research with international universities and institutions.

The T11 Pro Smart Mattress is the first smart mattress that instantly adjusts to the individual’s health for optimal sleep; actually warning the user about potential health issues before they are aware of them. DeRUCCI won the BIG Innovation Award for its innovative design and ergonomics with 23 sleep/health AI sensors that automatically track subtle changes in position, body temperature, heart rate, and health; 18 flexible air support units that instantly respond and support the user’s position and body movements; patented DeRUCCI AI Tidal Algorithm that adapts and customizes to each user’s various individual sleeping positions for real-time adjustments; and advanced sleep monitoring and alerts. The mattress also connects to other IoT home appliances to control the bedroom’s smart thermostat, air conditioner, aromatherapy, air purifier, sleep-enhancing lighting, meditation products, sleep aids, and other IoT devices.

Presented by the Business Intelligence Group, the annual BIG awards program recognizes organizations, products, and people who are bringing new ideas to life in innovative ways. Organizations from across the globe submitted their recent innovations for consideration in the BIG Innovation Awards. Nominations were judged by a select group of business leaders and executives who volunteered their time and expertise to score submissions.

“Humanity relies on innovations to improve our lives and the planet,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group. “Innovation is driving our society. We are thrilled to be honoring DeRUCCI as they are leading by example and improving the lives of so many.”


“We are honored to be recognized by the Business Intelligence Group for our innovative technology,” said Hua Lei, General Manager of Smart Sleep, DeRUCCI. “We are dedicated to the development of intelligent sleep health systems based on scientific research to improve the quality of sleep as a gateway to health and wellness and this award reaffirms our commitment.”

In addition to the BIG Innovation Awards, the DeRUCCI T11 Pro Smart Mattress was also recently awarded two CES 2024 Innovation Awards for best in Digital Health and Smart Home technology. The DeRUCCI new smart mattress and full DeRUCCI AI IoT line, including anti-snore pillows, intelligent height adjustable pillows, intelligent voice control panels, curtain tracks, and other smart IoT sleep solutions will be showcased at CES 2024 from January 9-12, 2024, at the DeRUCCI Booth #52943 in the Venetian Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D. 



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