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CES '24: Doosan Group Unveiling Clean Energy, Autonomous Solutions across Bobcat, Enerbility, & More

On January 8th, Doosan will be hosting Pre-Event Media Day Press Conferenece and Exhibit, "Our Planet, Our Future" at Booth 5941. Read the offical press release below for further details...


Las Vegas, NV (December 14, 2023) / Seoul, South Korea (December 15, 2023) – Doosan Group

announced its presence at CES 2024 to unveil its innovative technologies for a cleaner and safer future

from its family of companies including Doosan Bobcat, Doosan Enerbility, Doosan Robotics, and


Doosan Group’s CES show presence will include the company’s first-ever CES Media Day press

conference at Mandalay Bay’s Tradewinds ballroom on January 8 at 3 PM PT. The press conference will

spotlight developments and products across Doosan Bobcat, Doosan Enerbility, Doosan Robotics, and

HyAxiom while demonstrating the company’s major commitment to fostering a clean energy future and

embracing innovations within autonomous technology.

Following Doosan’s Media Day press conference, the company will host attendees and meetings at

their CES booth located in the West Hall - Booth 5941 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from

January 9-12 during show hours.

The Doosan booth at CES will showcase the latest product offerings from across the company’s

businesses, including:

Doosan Bobcat continues to lead the charge in its commitment to creating the jobsite of the future with

sustainable and innovative equipment solutions across electrification, autonomous operation and

connectivity. Bobcat will unveil a new, electric, AI-driven, autonomous concept machine during the

Media Day press conference. Additionally, it’ll showcase the recently unveiled Bobcat S7X, the world’s

first all-electric skid-steer loader, which has been named a 2024 CES Innovation Award Honoree* within

the Sustainability, Eco-Design, & Smart Energy and Smart Cities categories. The S7X featuring operator

vision technology will be on display at CES along with the Bobcat ZT6200 autonomous mower, Machine

IQ telematics and MaxControl remote operation. Bobcat is also showing its latest iteration of its all-

electric/autonomous concept loader. Known as the RogueX2, the machine further advances Bobcat’s

innovation roadmap.

Doosan Enerbility is leading the way in driving clean energy innovations around the world. It is the first

company to manufacture core components of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) with Nuclear Regulatory

Commission (NRC) design certification. Showcasing its diverse energy portfolio, Doosan will introduce its

next generation of eco-friendly technologies encompassing hydrogen, wind, and SMR energy solutions,

as well as advancements in battery recycling solutions. Additionally, the company’s latest Hydrogen Gas

Turbine utilizing hydrogen energy and SMRs will be prominently displayed at the Doosan booth.

The world's leading collaborative robot (cobot) manufacturer, Doosan Robotics, is set to introduce

superior technological advancements, showcasing cutting-edge AI robotics solutions and a

comprehensive array of product offerings spanning manufacturing, logistics, services, food & beverage,

and environmental management. Doosan Robotics is thrilled to present robust and dynamic

autonomous robot systems at CES 2024, featuring Dart-Suite, a next generation robot control system,

“Oscar the Sorter,” an AI-powered recycling cobot recognized as a 2024 CES Innovation Award

Honoree*, and even one capable of crafting personalized cocktails.

As a leading global fuel cell and hydrogen solutions provider, HyAxiom, Inc. enables reliable, cost-

competitive and carbon-free energy sources for industrial and commercial uses. HyAxiom's mission is to

accelerate the energy transition to a sustainable future by delivering a full spectrum of hydrogen

solutions including fuel cells for both stationary and mobility applications as well as electrolyzers for

green hydrogen production. HyAxiom's flagship product, the PureCell® M400, is based on proprietary

phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) technology. The world’s first and largest fuel cell power plant (50 MW),

powered by a hydrogen-fueled variant of the PureCell® M400, entered commercial operation in 2020 in

Korea. Making its debut appearance at CES, HyAxiom is set to unveil a scalable sized version of their

PEM Electrolyzer, a groundbreaking approach for green hydrogen-based energy pivotal in decarbonizing

industries, transportation, and power generation.

Doosan Group will be showcasing the latest innovations in clean energy and smart machines at their

exhibit located in the West Hall - Booth 5941 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 9-12,




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