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First FULL Reveal of CHUCKY

Despite the fact that reboots to notable franchises - as of late - have seemed unnecessary, Hollywood still seems adamant to make them. Enter CHILD'S PLAY. Rebooted from the franchise of the same name (which began in the 80s and spawned seven sequels), the film follows a child named Andy (this time portrayed by) who's gifted a seemingly innocent doll - which, of course, houses the soul of a homicidal maniac (no longer iconically voiced by Brad Dourif, but by Mark Hamill).

Though the reboot has released a teaser for the upcoming horror film, it did so without fully revealing Chucky in all his glory, until now. Check out the full reveal of the iconic horror figure below...

What are your thoughts on the character's slightly updated look? Sound off in the comments...

CHILD'S PLAY arrives on June 21, 2019.

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