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2017 NOVA Con EXCLUSIVE: Special Guest Randy Havens Talks STRANGER THINGS

Few can deny the impact Stranger Things has had on the binge-watching public at large in the last year. Taking inspiration from iconic films such as STAND BY ME, E.T. and ALIEN, the Netflix series has captured the love of just about everyone who has had an opportunity to experience it. However, while many would have you believe that the group of kids factor largely into the show's popularity, many overlook the entire ensemble of actors that make the show work. One good example of this would be the character of Mr. Clarke, portrayed by actor Randy Havens. Acting as the teacher and confidant of the central group, the character played a pivotal role - whether he knew it or not - in the defeat of the antagonist in the first season. So, with that in mind, I asked Randy if the character would play "the same role" for Season 2; additionally, he also comments on the remarkable popularity the show has secured following its 1st season. See the interview below...

Edited by Brandon Troy

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