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2022 Shore Leave Con #EXCLUSIVE: THE BOYS' Jessie T. Usher Shares Advice on WORK/LIFE BALANCE ✅️

While it may certainly appear that life as a successful actor has no drawbacks to speak of, one undeniable issue than can rear its ugly head is the sometimes unhealthy work/life balance between one's personal life and one's career that can develop. For those in the industry [of entertainment] who struggle navigating such challenges (i.e. spending time away on film/tv sets, spending hours upon hours working on set, or even spending time away promoting their said projects) can become huge catalysts in disrupting their lives with loved ones. Therefore in my search to uncover the tools necessary to successfully chart through these sometimes stormy waters, I picked the brain of star of Amazon Prime’s hit series “The Boys” star & 2022 Shore Leave Con (aka Shore Leave 42) Special Guest, Jessie T. Usher.

Enjoy the video to hear what he had to say on the project.

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