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2019 C2E2 EXCLUSIVE: Sean Forney Talks Con Culture & SCARLETT HUNTRESS

By no means a stranger to the world of comics, Sean has had 18 year career in the industry as an illustrator/comic book artist who has provided his talents to Marvel Premier Sketch Cards (Upper Deck), Lark’s Killer (1First), Lord of Gore (Devil’s Due), Black Flame (1First), Zen: Intergalactic Ninja (Devil’s Due/1First), Cyberines #3 (Red Anvil), and Mania (A.L.E.X), just to name a few. In my interview with him at C2E2 2019, we discussed how con culture has reshaped awareness of comic book IPs and we (of course) also touch on his project, Scarlett Huntress. Check it out below....

Edited by Brandon Troy

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