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20th Century Fox Unleashes NEW Trailer For DARK PHOENIX!!

As Marvel Studios edges closer and closer to acquiring the X-Men and The Fantastic Four to join their hotly popular MCU, there are still remaining strands remaining from 20th Century Fox's Marvel Universe. With that in mind, we are provided with a new look at - what will perhaps be the last non-Marvel Studios film - X:MEN: DARK PHOENIX. Following a decade after the events of APOCALYPSE, an unfortunate incident pits the superhero team known only as the X-Men against one of their own, Jean Grey. Though the story has been tackled cinematically before in the arguably maligned LAST STAND, its screenwriter, Simon Kinberg (who is pulling double duty as screenwriter and director this time), is taking another crack (pun unintended) at the iconic comic book story arch. With all of that said, check the trailer below....

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX arrives in theaters on June 7, 2019.

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