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WB Discloses Some Of Its DCEU Slate, Confirming Some Major Departures & Additions

For the longest time, it was a commonly held belief that DCEU films (also known as the DC Expanded Universe or the interconnected cinematic universe of DC characters) were not up to the caliber of their MCU contemporaries.  However, in the last few years, that sentiment has started to change thanks to films such WONDER WOMAN and AQUAMAN (more recently).  Now, likely due to the latter's success, it appears that Warner Bros. is becoming more forthcoming about their plans going forward for the next few years.

In an article from The Hollywood Reporter, it would appear that the long-gestating BATMAN film from Matt Reeves will now drop on June 25, 2021, and the sequel to SUICIDE SQUAD will release only a few months later on August 6.  However, there are some additional interesting morsels in the article that not only confirm Affleck's definitive departure from the role of Batman, but also pretty much confirms former GOTG director, James Gunn, helming the allstar supervillain  sequel.  Lastly, it also seems that the WB is developing a DC Super Pets (no kidding) film, set to release on May 21 before the aforementioned BATMAN film.

What do you think of these upcoming films from DC & Warner Bros.? Let me know if the comments.... 

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