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2018 New York Comic Con EXCLUSIVE: Artist Ken Lashley Talks BLOODSHOT RISING SPIRIT & BLOODSHOT

In addition to speaking with some of the minds over at Valiant Comics, I also had the opportunity to sit down with the gentleman who visually realizes the character of Bloodshot on the comic page, the multi-talented Mr. Ken Lashley! Having provided his drawing talents to many iconic comic book houses (of which Marvel & DC are just a few), Ken is an artist who has "been there and done that." With that said, at New York Comic Con this year I took the opportunity to chat with him about his work on Valiant's current release, Bloodshot Rising Spirit (out today), as well as his feelings regarding the character of Bloodshot making it to the big screen. Check out the interview below....

Camera Work by Brandon Troy

Edited by Brandon Troy

Bloodshot Rising Spirit debuts today.

The BLOODHSOT Film arrives in theaters February 21, 2020.

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