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2018 Baltimore Comic Con EXCLUSIVE: Scott Snyder Comments on the State of the Comics Industry

Though superheroes have seemingly taken over every facet - from the big screen to the small screen - of media, I have always wondered if the comics industry benefits equally from the popularity of its characters. With that said, I caught up with one biggest names in comics, Scott Snyder, to discuss the matter. For the uninitiated, Scott is one of comics' bestselling authors, having made a huge impact on the comic industry thanks to his work in DC’s New 52 - writing Batman (with artist Greg Capullo) and Swamp Thing. These days, Scott is writing DC Comics’ Justice League, New Challengers, and (of course) much more! Anyways, check out Scott's thoughts on the subject mentioned above in the interview below...

Camera Work by Kayode Kendall

Edited by Brandon Troy

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