JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 Villainess Lands Role of Batwoman for CW's ARROW-Verse

Model/Actress, Ruby Rose, has landed the role as of superheroine, Batwoman, in the CW's ARROW-verse!

For those who are unfamiliar with the character's comic book origins, this recent incarnation of the character, Kate Kane, saw her as a military brat who got kicked out of military school for being a lesbian. However, after a chance encounter with Batman, Kane is inspired to become a crime fighter. Thanks to the diversity that she represents, along with the extensive military training that she wields, this iteration of the character has become a fan-favorite among comic fans.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rose's Kate Kane will appear in the CW's DC Crossover event in December. However, the intention will - like many of the Arrow-verse heroes - be to spin the character off into her own series.

Currently, you can see Rose in the upcoming shark flick, THE MEG, releasing this Friday.

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