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2018 Awesome Con EXCLUSIVE: Special Guest Fabian Nicieza

Though few might of known who the character of Deadpool was a few years ago, the same assuredly cannot be said now as more and more superhero properties make their way to the big as well as small screen. However, for some, its easy to forget that without the comic book minds that developed them in the first place, we wouldn't be gifted with the cartoons or the films (see DEADPOOL film franchise) in the first place. With that said, at this year's Awesome Con I was afforded the opportunity to speak with Deadpool Co-Creator, Fabian Niceiza.

In the interview, we discuss the birth of the character, Deadpool, as well as the addition of the X-Force team (another co-creation of his, by the way) into the upcoming superhero sequel, DEADPOOL 2. Check it out below...

Interview conducted & edited by Brandon Troy

Camera Work by Jerome Bourgeois

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