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Fallout Returns to Washington DC

Attention all Fallout Fans! Whether you have been playing since the first release came out on the PC back in 1997, or are a new convert to the wasteland with Fallout 76, it is time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this great game franchise.

Fallout For Hope is a community of Fallout Streamers, Creators, Community Leaders, and even those who make the Fallout game. Established in 2020 and with over 450 volunteers in 86 countries around the world, they have raised $140,000 for their St. Jude charity so far in 2022 and over $400,000 since their inception.

On the weekend of Oct 22-23rd, 2022, the Fallout For Hope community will hold four nationwide celebrations. On Oct 22nd, there will be a Fallout Cosplay gathering at the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, NV, home of Fallout: New Vegas. Also on the 22nd, there will be a Fallout Cosplay gathering at the Flatwoods Monster Museum in Sutton, WV, home of Fallout 76. And later that night The Trans Alleghany Asylum's yearly Halloween costume ball (another site in Fallout 76) is that evening and is a short drive to Weston, WV.

Their fourth gathering is a slice out of Fallout 3 and will be held in Washington, DC on Sunday, Oct 23rd, 2022. The Cosplay meetup will start at the Lincoln Memorial and will include a visit from Bethesda veteran voice actor Wes Johnson who voiced some of the most memorable characters in Fallout 3. A National Parks permit has been acquired, but as you can imagine they are requesting that no one bring any Cosplay Prop weapons to the event.

After a photo shoot at the Lincoln Memorial, there is a planned walk around the different monuments. Festivities will occur from 1-3 pm and finish at the Celebrity Deli. For fans that cannot make it, there will be plenty of opportunities to show off your Cosplay skills online through their website at


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