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Authors Tananarive Due, Victor Lavalle, and L.L. McKinney Announced As Guests at 4th Virtuous Con

Just as the title states, authors Tananarive Due, Victor Lavalle, and L.L. McKinney have been announced as preliminary guests at the 4th Annual Virtuous Con! Check out further details in the press release below.


[Worldwide] November 17, Save the date! Virtuous Con, has announced their preliminary line up for their 4th Annual science-fiction and comic culture convention launching February 23 - 25, 2024. The virtual event, themed "The Future is Ours'' is dedicated to celebrating independent Black artists and creators worldwide.  

Preliminary special guests for the Black HIstory Month event include: 

  • Tananarive Due, Award-Winning Author and Producer of ”The Reformatory” and “Horror Noire”

  • Victor Lavalle, Award-Winning Author and Producer of ”The Changeling” and “Lone Women”

  • L.L. McKinney, Award-Winning Author of “Nubia: Real One”, “A Blade So Black”

Virtuous Con's founder, award-winning author Cerece Rennie Murphy is excited about the special guests. “Their award-winning presence elevates our convention, embodying the spirit of innovation in speculative fiction. Their creative brilliance takes center stage in an immersive experience that celebrates the transformative power of storytelling in the realms of science fiction, fantasy, and comics. We are honored to have Tananarive, Victor, and L.L. as our special guests for Virtuous Con! " says Murphy.

An ardent champion for independent creators within the realms of science fiction, fantasy, and comics, Murphy responded to the challenges faced by her creative colleagues, especially those from BIPOC backgrounds, during the COVID-19 shutdowns by establishing Virtuous Con in 2020.

Virtuous Con takes place yearly in February Celebrating Black History month. The con is a virtual floor show that celebrates Black creatives. Four virtual “floors” that feature Indie artists, authors and vendors dedicated to science fiction, fantasy, comic books, anime, and more in a live interactive virtual space. Complete with virtual "booths" where vendors interact live with attendees about their products. 

Secure your early bird tickets for Virtuous Con at the exclusive price of $18.00! Early Bird tickets are available for purchase on Friday, November 17th, starting at noon, and ends on December 15th.

“This year's theme 'The Future Is Ours' spotlights the transformative power of diverse voices in speculative fiction, celebrating the limitless possibilities within our grasp.”, Murphy adds.

Virtuous Con returns February 23 and 25 2024, program information is available through their website at


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