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Directed by: Todd Drezner.

Starring: Bo Copley and Laura Copley.

Depending on how you fall, 2020 might not be the best year to release a documentary about a man running for a US Senate seat. Then again, sometimes when all we do is yell over one another, it might be helpful to step back and just listen to the other person's perspective.

With that said, THE CAMPAIGN OF MINER BO might be just the political documentary we need for this year. The film follows the US Senate primary campaign of a former coal miner named Bo Copley, who after meeting former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton at a round table discussion and becoming a statewide celebrity for challenging her on her statement to put coal mines out of business, decides to run for office as the Republican nominee against Democrat, Joe Manchin.

Throughout the documentary, we're provided some background on Bo - learning about the town he grew up in and about the hard times it's seen with the loss of coal mining as a job source. While you may not agree with political stances, the documentary does a great job of presenting Bo and his family as very sincere and likeable people. Additionally, while the origins of Bo's political aspirations sparked from his opposition to a statement made by Mrs. Clinton, he makes it clear in the doc that he doesn't hate her; in fact, he's comments on how thankful he is that meeting her motivated him to run for office. Aside the film's study of its title figure, filmmaker Todd Drezner also does a great job with capturing the beauty of West Virginia and making the state a character of its own in the documentary.

Now, in lieu of what you may be inundated with in regards to politics currently, THE CAMPAIGN OF MINER BO is a heart-warming movie that will make you believe in your fellow human being. Something we could all use these days.

Overall grade: A+

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