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2020 Great Philadelphia EXCLUSIVE: Special Guest Brandon Jay McLaren Talks Con Culture & Power R

In lieu of the social distancing that was in place (and still being implemented to a degree currently), I took the opportunity to reach out to one of its announced guests at the time, Brandon Jay McLaren. Having a career that has through a variety of series & films, Brandon is perhaps best known for his stint as a Power Ranger on Power Rangers S.P.D. In this previously recorded interview, Brandon & I discuss: what determined his decision to select Great Philadelphia as a Con destination, how his role as a Ranger began, as well as future projects (especially as it pertains to adhering to social protocols).

Check it out below...

Originally scheduled April 3-5, Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2020 has been rescheduled to September 4-6, 2020. At the moment, Brandon Jay McLaren has yet to confirm for the new dates.

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