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2020 SC Comicon EXCLUSIVE: Special Guest Tyler Mane Talks PENANCE LANE & Superhero Films

In wrapping up my chats with the guests of SC Comicon, I was fortunate to speak with actor/producer, Tyler Mane. If the name sounds familiar, you'll likely recognize the 6'8'' former wrestler as the villainous Sabretooth from the first X-MEN film or as the iconic Michael Myers from Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN films. In any event, due to social distancing & the postponement of SC Comicon, I recorded my interview with him, "long-distance" style, to discuss: what drew him to the Con, his transition into acting, his current trajectory into producing, as well as his latest film, PENANCE LANE.

Check out the interview below...

PENANCE LANE is now available on Amazon Prime.

** Originally scheduled March 28-29, SC Comicon will take place July 18-19, 2020.**

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