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2020 SC Comicon EXCLUSIVE: Special Guest Gene Ha Talks Con Culture & The Social Distancing Effec

With SC Comicon being postponed until July (from its initial March date), I took the opportunity to reach out to one of its premiere guests, Gene Ha, to talk about the show. For those unfamiliar, the Con, hosted by Borderlands Comics and Games provides something for fans of all ages - from the top creators in comics and celebrity guests, to toys, collectibles, and (of course) plenty of events and contests for the kids.

In our interview together, we discussed Gene's overall body of work, his reasons for selecting SC Comicon as a destination (as a guest), and much more! Check out our conversation below...

Originally postponed from its original dates (March 28-29, 2020), SC Comicon will now commence July 18-19, 2020.

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