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2020 Superbowl EXCLUSIVE: Special Guest Hank Baskett Talks Superbowl Game & Festivities

To start our outlet's busy Superbowl weekend, our first stop was the popular Leather & Laces Party! Celebrating its 17th consecutive year, this year's event took place at Soho Studios in Miami, FL. Aside from its over the top food options: sushi, drinks, hors d’oeuvres and desserts, Leather & Laces Party featured an all-star list of guests: from celebrity guests to professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, & MLB. Additionally, the party also had Lil Jon on hand as DJ!

With all of that said, I caught up with retired NFL star, Hank Baskett, to talk about the weekend festivities as well as the game itself. Check it out below.

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