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Cinema Makeup School at Comic-Con 2019!

Cinema Makeup School will host live makeup demonstrations at Comic-Con 2019 in San Diego, California, from Wednesday July17th - Sunday July 21st. Every year at SDCC Cinema Makeup School showcases graduates’ work and a behind the scenes glimpse at the SFX makeup process. This year there are massive makeups and collaborations lined up throughout the week. Demonstrations will be held all weekend at Booth #4523 in the Exhibit Hall F of the San Diego Convention Center.

Wed, July 17 – Hellboy & Joo Skelllington Thurs, July 18 – Hellboy & Cleopsis Fri, July 19 – Se'Ren, Hellboy & Cleopsis Sat, July 20 – Se'Ren, Cleopsis & Joo Skellington Sun, April 21 – Se'Ren, Hellboy & Joo Skellington

Created by: Ve Neill, Lee Joyner, Madison Burger

Assisted by: Nick Alvarez, Kelsey Waldman Portrayed by: Teisha Wheaton

Created by: Aimee Aranda

Portrayed by: David McKahan


Created by: Catherine Besler & Briahna Curtis Portrayed by: Mary Chieffo


San Diego Comic Con 2019 commences July 17-21, 2019.

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