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UNCHARTED Movie Acquires Its Helmer

Though comic books have enjoyed great success being adapted to film on the big screen, one form of media that has continued to stumble have undoubtedly been the gaming medium. While one could argue that there are indeed a select few that have achieved some success (see RESIDENT EVIL franchise), there far more failures. Enter the UNCHARTED film.

Based on a largely popular game franchise, the hope is that its popularity as a game will translate to the big screen and break the curse of videogame adapted movies. With that said, today comes news of a potential director signing on for the Sony project. According to a story from The Hollywood Reporter, 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE's director, Dan Trachtenberg is the latest helmer to attach himself to the project. Up to this point, the project has gone through development hell - loosing actors and going through various director changes. Though the addition of Trachtenberg seems promising, considering how long this film has been plagued in the development stage, the odds don't look great.

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