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EXCLUSIVE Interview: Actor Brian Krause Talks THE DEMONOLOGIST

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with actor, Brian Krause, about his starring role in the supernatural thriller, THE DEMONOLOGIST. From writer-director J.M Stelly, the film follows a detective who is haunted by the nightmares of his past as well as the visions that he cannot understand. Upon investigating a string of brutal murders, he discovers a Cult - worshiping the four King Demons of Hell - who plan on unleashing Hell upon Earth. In order to stop this apocalyptic event, he must come to grips with his birthright and destiny as (you got it) The Demonologist.

Seeing that Krause is no stranger to being apart of projects concerning the supernatural (see SLEEPWALKERS and CHARMED), I was curious to get his thoughts on being in these types of projects and what draws him to them. Check it our conversation below.


BT: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. I suppose I'll start first by asking, what attracted you to THE DEMONOLOGIST to begin with?

BK: I would say that the prospect of taking on a darker role [is what attracted me] - someone not as fluffy as Leo, if will...

BT: Sure.

BK: (Continuing)...and taking it (a role) in a different direction.

BT: Ok, ok....Now, as you said, you've had the opportunity thus far in your career to play other roles in the supernatural realm. Would you say that there's something about this type of element in the projects that you've done that has attracted you to them or would you say that it's more happenstance that it's happened that way so far in your career?

BK: Well, I'd say that a lot of it is happenstance. As an actor, we often don't get to choose our roles. Still, for me, it's FUN.

BT: Ok.

BK: (Continuing)...and I've done some cheesy, if you will, sci-fi [projects] that folks might describe kooky - incorporating lots of horror. Nevertheless, for me, its fun! It's the best way that one can play "make believe." Now, don't get wrong, doing straight drama and comedy is great, but having to tangle with a fantasy creature or demon is fun - especially considering the idea that someone is able create such creatures with makeup and CGI. It provides the great challenge of: Can we (those working on the film) make this [world of the film] believable? So again, it's fun to go in that route; in fact, its so much fun that I'm currently writing [a new film project] toward the horror genre.

BT: Ok great! What you just mentioned is actually a great segue into my next question. In many of the other projects that you've been apart of, there's been a noticeable trend where the supernatural characters that you've portrayed have transitioned from a character with "abilities" to someone without them; however, in this film, the opposite happens. So with that being said, was this change of pace something that you had considered?

BK: Well, nothing that I had considered, but I definitely like the idea of "metamorphosis...."

BT: Right.

BK: (Continuing)...of having this life, then something happens to you - causing you to grow one way or the other. More specifically, growing in the way Damien does, it's a challenge. So hopefully, we get a chance to do more - that is, explore the character more in other movies. With that said, I like going from "the light to the dark" or "the dark to the light." Either way, it's the growth of a character.....

(Continuing) see where people grow, to see the changes people go through - be it through circumstance or something else.

BT: Gotcha, gotcha. Now, in doing this character, did it provide any challenges that you thus far had not experienced with other supernatural character that you've done?

BK: Well, I feel the biggest challenge was the amount of time we (i.e. the director, the actors, the crew, etc.) had to make this project. For example, we made this movie in 10 days, which is extremely, extremely quick.

BT: Sure.

BK: I'd say that was probably the biggest challenge; otherwise, as an actor, you're expected to be memorized and prepared anyway. However, this idea becomes magnified when you only have enough time to do one take (or two, if you're lucky), so you have to be ready and lay it down. The crew (i.e. the cameraman, the makeup artists, the set designers) truly had a even more challenge than us (the actors), seeing that they had establish the world [of the movie] in ten days. Therefore as an actor you don't want to show up and not be prepared, because you're in actuality blowing it for everyone else involved who are working their tails off. Which, in all honesty, is something which very common the indie [filming] world, because you don't have the luxury of a couple of months or taking multiple takes....So a lot of preparation has to go into being prepared before we (as actors) get there [on set]. In fact, we (the actors) worked - rehearsing/talking scenes out - with Stelly for a few days before we started filming so that there was no extra wasted time when it was time to shoot.

BT: Alright, awesome! Now, lastly, before I let you go, I recall you mentioning earlier in the interview you were writing a horror project? Is it too early to discuss what it might be?

BK: So, I'm about halfway into a horror script, which hopefully should be finished before the holidays are over. In fact, that is my whole focus this holiday season: Don't leave my house! Finish my damn script!

BT: (Laughing) Ok, gotcha.

BK: We'll see if the chocolate and holiday spirit get in the way, but hopefully there will be more to talk about in regards to that soon. Other than that, I've been working on a project for the last year, called ME & MICHAEL, starring Mark Rolston - whom folks might know from ALIENS and SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. The film is based on a true story - Rolston's true story - of befriending a homeless man who lives near him.

The purpose behind making the film is: to put a different face to homelessness and to make people realize that addiction and mental health is an epidemic in our country. Additionally, the idea that people can fall on hard times, without the help of friends or family to turn to. So again, the goal is to raise awareness and money for the homeless and the mentally challenged, if you will. As someone dealing with their own alcoholism and being beyond that, I see it (that particular addiction) as one of the major problem that can lead to homelessness and violence, if you will. With that in mind, that project is one that is dear to my heart, so I definitely hope the project will help raise awareness and end homelessness. There is no excuse for it in America..

BT: Absolutely. Well Brian, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me and I forward to touching base with regarding the future projects.

BK: Thank you for taking the time and having me on!


THE DEMONOLOGIST is out on VOD today.

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