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Diego Luna & Scoot McNairy Returning for Season 2 of NARCOS: MEXICO

One of my favorite binge-worthy shows is coming back for a second - well, technically fifth - season! Tracing the real-life events of the infamous drug cartels that plagued the countries of Columbia - and more indirectly, America - back in the 80's, the most recent season saw a soft reboot of sorts as the focus shifted to the rise of the first Mexican cartel led by Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo aka “El Padrino,” (portrayed by Luna).

Additionally, in true form of the "shared universe" style of storytelling seen with movies and TV shows these days, the season acted as both a prequel and sequel (of sorts) as it narratively ran parallel to the events featured in the first three seasons of show and also featured cameos from the characters (as well as the same actors) that headlined those respective seasons.


With the recent season ending with our villain just coming into his own as a ruthless cartel leader and the author (behind the voice-over featured throughout the season) arriving in the season finale, it's not surprising to hear that actors, Diego Luna and Scoot McNairy, will both return to collide with one another in season 2.


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