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BIRDS OF PREY Film Adds Another Villain

With the buzz & excitement surrounding the AQUAMAN & WONDER WOMAN franchises, there is a small sliver of undeniable optimism regarding the future of the DCEU. With that said, in addition to these recognizable characters mentioned above, there are other DCEU-related projects on the way as well. One good example of such a film is the BIRDS OF PREY film. Directed by Cathy Yan, the superhero film has been garnering some attention of its own thanks to past news of Ewan McGregor being cast as the film's big bad, The Black Mask.

Still, thanks to some brand new casting info via Deadline, it would appear that the BIRDS will need brace themselves for yet another threat, DC Comics villain Victor Zsasz (see picture above).

If the villain sounds familiar, the character has featured recently in other media, such as the Gotham TV series as well as the film, BATMAN BEGINS. This time, however, the antagonist will be - according to Deadline - portrayed by actor Chris Messina.

BIRDS OF PREY is scheduled to arrives in theaters February 7, 2020.

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