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TMS Entertainment Partners With Future Today to Launch TMS KIDS! and TMS ANIME on Streaming Platform

TMS Entertainment has launched two channels, TMS ANIME and TMS KIDS! on major streaming platforms including Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV. The channels feature TMS’ iconic titles such as Sherlock Hound and Saint Seiya that can now be enjoyed by anime fans and kids of all ages. Below check out the official press release...


LOS ANGELES, CA -- TMS Entertainment USA, Inc. today announced partnership with Future Today Inc., to bring its hugely popular animated video library to even more global viewers. Available on most major streaming platforms, TMS ANIME and TMS KIDS! will feature TMS Entertainment’s beloved titles such as Bananya, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas and ItaKiss on TMS ANIME and Galaxy High, Monster Rancher and Sherlock Hound on TMS KIDS!. More contents such as TMS’ hit series Lupin The 3rd will be added in near future.

“We’re very proud and happy to be able to offer TMS KIDS! and TMS ANIME on major streaming devices,” said Yoshiharu Suzuki, President and CEO of TMS Entertainment. “Anime fans and kids of all ages can now enjoy our amazing programs and we look forward to adding even more titles in the future.”


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