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2018 Baltimore Comic Con EXCLUSIVE: Erin Gray Talks Acting & TV Hosting

Erin Gray is a trail-blazer whose career has spanned decades. If you don't believe that statement, then clearly you have been living under a rock, as Erin's resume would say otherwise. Likely known to some as the iconic character of Colonel Wilma in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century; for others, she will always be associated with her character, Kate, from the beloved TV series, Silver Spoons. However, despite these recognizable roles from earlier in the career, Erin has continued her illustrious acting career in countless other TV - as well as film - projects such as Evening in Byzantium and Jason Goes To Hell (just to name a few). Besides the impact she had in these mediums, Erin has also had a major influence on con culture thanks to her company, Heroes for Hire - an organization which supplies numerous conventions with celebrity guests.

In our interview together, I asked Erin what she felt were necessary skills to have sustained success across various mediums like she has. See what she has to say on the subject, in the video below...

Camera Work by Kayode Kendall

Edited by Brandon Troy

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