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Found Footage: I Know That Voice Panel, NYCC 2017

So as I'm sure we all know, sometimes things get lost. And sometimes, things get found again! Last year after New York Comic Con, I unfortunately lost the video cards to which I'd recorded some of my NYCC footage. And as I was preparing for this year's double-whammy of Baltimore Comic Con and New York Comic Con coming up on consecutive weekends by getting all of my recording gear together, lo-and-behold, I found some missing files! Miracles do happen, people.

Despite it being a year old, since those files contained my front-row recording of the I Know That Voice panel from NYCC 2017 (featuring the super-talented John DiMaggio, Nolan North, Jess Harnell, and Rob Paulsen), I thought any voice actor fans out there might still get a kick out of seeing it (I know you're all as obsessive as I am and love watching these hilarious and talented folks on any panel)!

So voila! Here it is! Enjoy.

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