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2018 C2E2 EXCLUSIVE: Special Guest Yetide Badaki Talks AMERICAN GODS

Whether you realize it or not, the works of Neil Gaiman have quietly been making a splash on the big screen (see STARDUST and CORALINE) the last few years. However, the same can be said of the small screen thanks to the critically-acclaimed Starz series, AMERICAN GODS. Looking to commence its second season in 2019, I fortunate to catch up with the Goddess of Love herself, actress Yetide Badaki.

In our interview together, we not only talk about her experience at C2E2, but also discuss how she initially felt being cast in an adaptation of Gaiman's work. You can check out the interview below...

Edited by Brandon Troy

Camera Work by Jahmal Harrell

Season 2 of American Gods will return to Starz in 2019.

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