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2018 Farpoint Con EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Keith DeCandido

Keith DeCandido has been a prolific writer since the mid-nineties. Mostly writing novel tie-ins for big media properties such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Supernatural, Keith is best known for his IKV Gorkon novels, a series of stories set in the Star Trek The Next Generation universe and which centers around a crew of Klingons as they roam the universe in a never ending search for honor and glory.

In 2004, Keith published his first original novel, Dragon Precinct, a police procedural novel set in a high fantasy world. Since that time, Keith has since written and published four sequels, with the latest, Mermaid Precinct, hitting the shelves in 2017. Keith has also created the Super City Cops series, a police procedural series that focuses on the police officers who have to deal with the problems involved in having a large super hero population concentrated in their city.

In my sit down interview with the native New Yorker, we discuss a number of topics: his background as an accomplished martial artist, his literary career (both past and present), and his music career as a member of the band, Boogie Knights. Check it out below...

Interview by Josh Pritchett Jr.

Camera Work & Editing by Brandon Troy

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