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2017 Virginia Film Fest EXCLUSIVE: Special Guest Jeff Wadlow

Jeff Wadlow on hand at ADRENALINE FILM PROJECT meeting

To close my coverage of the 2017 Virginia Film Festival, I caught up with writer/director, Jeff Wadlow. If you haven't heard of his name, you should, as he has been involved with many of the projects that we know and love. From producing FX's The Strain to writing & directing the superhero sequel KICK ASS 2, Wadlow has been an influential figure both in the world of television as well as film. With that said, just as he has had projects that have come to fruition, there have also been projects of his that have remained in development, such as the film, X-FORCE.

If you don't what know what X-FORCE is, then let me bring you up to speed, it is a superhero team that consists of members from the X-MEN as well as other sole characters like Deadpool (yeah, that Deadpool). Now, while many fans can't imagine a world without the R-rated antics of DEADPOOL, there existed a time - just a few years ago - when movie studios thought that producing R-rated superhero films would be a risk. However, flash forward a few years, to critical & monetary success like LOGAN and DEADPOOL, studios are now more receptive to the idea of violent, hardcore superhero films. Still, is it too late? With the already existing DEADPOOL sequel coming, along with the still in-development X-FORCE film (both not involving him) will he ever get the opportunity to make write & direct the film? Well, listen to what he has to say on the matter in the exclusive interview below...

Edited by Brandon Troy

Camera Work by Jerome Bourgeois

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