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2017 Spooky Movie International Horror Film Fest EXCLUSIVE: Festival Director C.W. Prather Talks Fes

It crazy to believe that its been a dozen years - that's right, 12 years - of horror films happening in the DC Metropolitan area. While I've only been around to witness the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival's growth & evolution in the last 6 years, it's been a sight to behold the impressive films that have been apart of it in that time. From the mainstream horror films that fans know and love to the hidden gems that fans have yet to discover, the festival consistently has a diverse set of films for horror audiences. While many be at a loss on how the festival has been scaring up audiences for so many years, I, along with others, know that it is due to the tireless efforts of its founder & director, CW Prather.

Not one to seek out the spotlight; I nevertheless spoke with the festival director about the horror event entering its 12th year and also what surprises he had in store. Check out the interview below...

Edited by Brandon Troy

Camera Work by Jerome Bourgeois

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