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2017 San Diego Comic Con EXCLUSIVE: Composer Michael McCuistion Talks BATMAN AND HARLEY QUINN

Though the results of DC's live-action movie adaptations have been mixed to say the least, few can argue how effective the animated efforts-on both TV and in film-for these superheroes have been overall. With that said, I was eager to speak with one of the architects of these successful efforts, Emmy Award winning composer, Michael McCuistion. If his name is not familiar to you, his work should be, as he has provided the musical scores for Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, to name a few. Fresh off his work on THE KILLING JOKE (previously promoted at last year's Comic Con), I took the opportunity to ask him how he approached the music to the latest Batman film, BATMAN & HARLEY QUINN. Check out the interview below...

Interview conducted by Brandon Troy

Camera Work by Jerome Bourgeois

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