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2017 San Diego Comic Con EXCLUSIVE: Special Guest Jeremie Harris Talks LEGION

As mentioned before, the X-Men universe has expanded beyond the big screen and can now be found on the small screen as well. Aside from the series, The Gifted, there exists another show that tackles the superhero dilemma in the form of mutants. Which show do I speak of? Why FX's Legion of course!

Boasting a talented ensemble of actors/actresses on the rise, the series will be returning for its sophomore season in 2018. With that said, I took advantage of the opportunity to speak with series regular, Jeremie Harris, about the show. In the interview, we not only discuss the secretive manner in which he discovered the show's true identity (when auditioning), but also received some insight into how the landscape of Hollywood is for black actors. Check out the interview below...

Interview conducted by Brandon Troy

Camera Work by Jerome Bourgeois

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