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Award-winning illustrator, Dave Dorman, and author Mike Bawden reinvent the pulp magazine.

Illustrator Dave Dorman, along with his writing partner, Mike Bawden, have announced the launch of a new bi-monthly pop magazine called Amazing Tales of the Wasted Lands. Find out more info in the official press release below...


(San Diego, CA-July 24, 2017) - Inkpot and Eisner award-winning illustrator Dave Dorman, and his writing partner, Mike Bawden, announced the launch of a new, bi-monthly pulp magazine, Amazing Tales of The Wasted Lands at last week's San Diego Comic-Con International. The publication will feature illustrated stories from Dorman's creator-owned franchise, The Wasted LandsTM.

The two launched a crowdfunding campaign on Thursday that generated over 30% of its goal in less than three days. The campaign is set to end August 19, 2017. Dorman's wildly successful recent "Captain Nemo" art Kickstarter campaign went way over the initial funding goal.

"This project offers fans a huge library of stories in the classic, early 20th century format that is becoming harder and harder to find in the marketplace," explained Bawden. "Dave and I are serializing the stories in the era-appropriate format, in a bi-monthly publication that feels lifted right from The Wasted Lands themselves, resulting in a really fun, totally immersive reader experience."

The stories of The Wasted Lands are set on another world, in a time that is very much like our late 19th/early 20th Century. Dorman's reputation for creating evocative, steampunk imagery and richly textured oils and acrylics has already made his European-style color magazine artwork highly sought after by contemporary and classic comic art collectors.

The creative duo's love of history and classic action-adventure storytelling makes Amazing Tales of The Wasted Lands a passion project for both men, who worked together closely for years to map out the storylines and character arcs. Amazing Tales' format - publishing serialized stories as a pulp magazine created and produced in The Wasted offers a meta commentary on the larger, overall story which, much like George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones' storytelling, will take years to tell.

"Each issue of Amazing Tales looks like an authentic magazine lifted right from The Wasted Lands' Mortal City, with stories, illustrations, ads and letters to the editor - except it isn't. The entire magazine is a work of art, moving the reader and character along a pre-determined path.

"Each ad, for example, includes the name (or names) of the fans who backed that particular issue through our crowdfunding campaigns - presented in the context of an ad for a business, service or product that exists solely in The Wasted Lands." Bawden continued, "Letters to the editor (and the responses they generate) will be written by characters who live in The Wasted Lands and may - or may not - appear in future stories and illustrations. Each issue will be packed with "Easter eggs" and clues about future stories and storylines."

Unlike actual pulp magazines, Amazing Tales of The Wasted Lands stories are set in a shared "world" and include characters who may cross over from one story to another. Some stories may re-tell shared events from different points of view, but the repetition serves a larger purpose.

According to Dorman, "Every story we present over the years is there by design. Mike and I have painstakingly worked out the master story arc; he is getting all the characters to their ultimate destination on time and in good order. I'm there ensuring everyone looks good while they're doing it!"

For more information on Dave Dorman's Wasted Lands, please visit:

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