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Any Power Ranger fans attending Comic Con this week? If so, you're in luck as there will be many things to enjoy, such as various appearances by costumed characters (including appearances by the costumed Green MMPR Ranger for the first time in years!), a Legacy Wars tournament (featuring an appearance by MMPR Green Ranger, Jason David Frank), two panels, some giveaways, and an exclusive MMPR slap bracelet that will bring major 90s nostalgia. Find out the details below...



· Power Rangers Dino Super Charge (PRDSC) and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR) costume characters will be making appearances throughout the show floor and at various partner booths throughout the weekend for photo opportunities with fans.

· For the first time in years, the costumed Green MMPR Ranger will be in attendance in addition to the core 5 Rangers.


· LIONSGATE/nWay will host a Legacy Wars tournament at the Lionsgate booth, which will feature appearances from Green Ranger Jason David Frank throughout the convention.

· Jason David Frank will be playing in the tournament

· Giveaways: Lionsgate will be giving away branded hoodies and t-shirts as prizes and will distribute the exclusive MMPR slap bracelet

· Photo Opps: MMPR costume character appearances to occur during tournament windows for fan photo opps


· The GIF booth will look like the MMPR Command Center and allow fans to superimpose themselves into the MMPR morphing sequence

· Giveaways: They will distribute slap bracelet giveaways and

· Exclusives: They will sell exclusive Zeo Black/Gold Communicator ($100), Tokyo Vinyl Black/Gold Megazord ($60), Legacy Movie Megazord ($40) and Micro Morphins Capsule Figures ($25) – note that limited quantities will be available each day

· Photo Opps: MMPR/PRNS costume character appearances at their booth


· ABOUT: Power Rangers will host an official SDCC panel inside the convention center, which will focus on consumer products, featuring current and upcoming news from the franchise.

· WHEN: Thursday, 7/20; Time: 12-1:00 PM

· WHERE: Room 25ABC

· WHO: Moderator – Nerdist’s Dan Casey; Panelists include Saban Brands’ rep Jason Bischoff and select partners (i.e. nWay, Pop Culture Shock, Imaginext, etc.)

· WHAT: Panel will include panelist discussion and audience Q+A with prizes/giveaways for fans who ask questions

Boom! Studios Comic Panel – Booth #2229

· WHO: Host - Melissa Flores, Saban Brands Director of Development and Production; Moderator – Ciara Hanna, Yellow SMF Ranger

· WHEN: Friday, 7/21; Time: 11:30 – 12:30PM


o Following panel (1-1:50 pm) signing with Ciara Hanna; writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Kyle Higgins; Writer, Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers, Ryan Parrott; and artist, Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers, Dan Mora

o Giveaway of exclusive MMPR slap bracelet and MMPR costume character appearances at booth

o Selling exclusive variant covers and launching the new ongoing Go Go Power Rangers series


Bandai – Booth #3535: Note that limited quantities will be available each day

· Exclusive Zeo Black/Gold Communicator ($100)

· Tokyo Vinyl Black/Gold Megazord ($60)

· Legacy Movie Megazord ($40)

San Diego Comic Con commences on July 19-July 23rd.

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