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2017 San Diego Comic Con EXCLUSIVE: Ben Penrod Talks AWESOME CON Prep

Knowing that many of the folks who put together the convention/pop culture events that we know and love began as fans - and still are - themselves, I'm always curious to know what their mission is (besides geeking out and having fun, of course) when they attend their contemporaries events. Lucky for me, the gentleman behind Awesome Con, Mr. Ben Penrod, was in attendance at San Diego Comic Con. Catching up with him on Saturday (the second to the last day of the show), I inquired about the business matters that were on the docket for him pertaining to the quickly approaching 2018 Awesome Con coming in the Spring of 2018 - a few months sooner than it was the year before. Check out the video below to see what he had to say.

Interview conducted by Brandon Troy

Camera Work by Jerome Bourgeois

Look for Awesome Con 2018 to hit the nation capitol March 30-April 1, 2018.

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