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2020 Travel & Adventure Show (DC) EXCLUSIVE: Kellee Edwards Talks Utilizing Travel To Face Fears

To wrap up my coverage of the Travel & Adventure Show, I caught up with award-winning travel expert, Kellee Edwards. Having explored over 50 countries thus far, including parts of North and West Africa, Asia, South and Central America, Europe and the UAE, Kellee's extensive travels have taken her a long way from where she spent her early childhood – on Chicago’s South Side – and where she was raised in San Bernardino, CA.

Thus far, her exploits include summiting Mt. Hood in Oregon, dog sledding in the remote wilderness of Alaska, trekking the active volcano Mt. Pacaya in Guatemala, piloting an aircraft in the temperamental Aleutian Chain, freediving with the Jeju Haenyeo, participating in Rambu Solo in Sulawesi, unearthing an artifact on an archaeological dig, swimming with humpback and whale sharks, as well as exploring Mayan ruins in Central America. She even had a life-changing close call on a shipwreck dive in the Red Sea near Eilat, Israel.

In our interview, Kellee comments on how her fears have influenced her choice of travel options. Check it out below...

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