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Next Friday - 'Drinking At The Kids Table' - The Debut Comedy Album from Billy DeVore

Hey, Billy Devore fans! Seeking to get new material from the Cincinnati native comedian? Well, you're in luck. Next week he will be releasing a comedy album for you to enjoy! Check out the official press release below....


CINCINNATI, OH - Cincinnati born and raised comedian, Billy DeVore, will release his debut comedy album 'Drinking At The Kids Table' on May 15. The album showcases light-hearted stories about family, food, and his full-time job of being a cat dad. DeVore, who has been showcasing in the Cincinnati scene for almost ten years now, has made a name for himself with his hilarious takes and anecdotes on life.

"I'm beyond excited for the world to hear my first album," says Billy. "It's a culmination of 9 years of hard work, tinkering, and thousands of miles on my car. I really couldn't have done this without the support of the amazing, talented and underrated Cincinnati Comedy scene. I might be one of the few comics you've heard of from Cincinnati, but I definitely won't be the last."

'Drinking At The Kids Table' Track Listing:

1) Eat Gross for Now

2) Wife Stuff

3) Paper Shredder

4) Cheese

5) Too Cheap to be Jewish

6) Hillbilly Tendencies

7) Swingers

8) Ma'am/Miss

9) S'Mores

10) I Don't Do Drugs Anymore

11) Cincinnati Chili

12) Applebee's

When Billy DeVore turned 21 in 2011, he discovered he could go to bars, grab a microphone, and make people laugh. Since then, he has performed at comedy clubs, breweries, and music venues all over the country. An over the top, loud, and high pitched fireball of goofy energy, he makes a compelling and charming co-host of the Cincinnati Reds focused podcast, "The New Nasty Boys," which is a part of the Armchair Media Network. His comedic presence is unavoidable in his hometown of Cincinnati, OH, as he produces and hosts half a dozen different comedy shows.


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