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And the BALTIMORE COMIC-CON Mascot's Name is...

Drum roll, please! Read on after the break to discover the mascot for Baltimore Comic Con!


BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - September 13, 2019 - Come to Baltimore's Inner Harbor to celebrate the 20th annual Baltimore Comic-Con October 18-20, 2019 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Tickets can be purchased now at the Baltimore Comic-Con website

In August of 2019, the Baltimore Comic-Con introduced you to the newest member of our family, the Baltimore Comic-Con mascot!

Created and drawn by artist extraordinaire, perennial guest, and friend of the show Frank Cho, we decided to open it up to you, our fans, to come up with a name for this caped crustacean. Our survey closed August 27th, and we were left with a pile of amazing suggestions!

"I cannot stress enough how many great submissions we received," said Marc Nathan, show promoter for the Baltimore Comic-Con. "From creative to hilarious, with a mix of pop culture reference and favorite pet names, the pile of entries was daunting. Kudos to everyone who participated -- it made our job that much harder!"

After much consideration, the winning submission, by Maurice Hopkins (as the first to submit this entry, as he was not alone in coming up with this suggestion), is Buster!

"Buster Crabbe was an actor who starred in numerous comic-related features in the 1930s and 1940s," continued Nathan. "He played Tarzan, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers, all of whom were hit syndicated comic strips at the time. He was Billy the Kid, numerous 'jungle men' characters, and even returned as a guest on the 1970s Buck Rogers TV series. And not to mention two comic book series named after him -- Buster Crabbe Comics from Eastern Color in the 1950s and The Amazing Adventures of Buster Crabbe from Lev Gleason in 1954. With all of these ties to comics, the character name was too good to pass up. Congratulations, Maurice!"


Baltimore Comic Con 2019 commences at the Baltimore Convention Center October 18-20, 2019.

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